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The Various Types of Security Tokens

In our previous articles, we have discussed how security tokens (STO) provide access to digital asset markets while still adhering to regulatory standards, making them the perfect fit for the digitization and tokenization of certain assets that may be deemed securities.

Security tokens come in all shapes and sizes and across multiple asset classes.

Most Popular Types of Security Tokens

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Similar to traditional markets, equities, bonds, and real estate currently dominate the majority of the market share. However, as the industry develops, we are starting to see STOs of all shapes and sizes and across all asset classes.

Some other types of assets for security tokens may include:

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Security tokens are the next evolution in digital assets which takes us one step closer to tokenizing the world in a legal and compliant manner.

About IX Swap

IX Swap is a next-generation platform that leverages DeFi services backed by regulatory compliance to facilitate safe and convenient issuance, listing, and trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs.

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and innovative blockchain-based solutions, IX Swap is paving the way in democratizing access to traditional financial markets that have never been done before.

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